Philippe Barbey's sociological research of religions, doctor in social sciences of Paris 5 Descartes - Sorbonne, mastered of religious sciences  of the High Studies Practical School (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes - EPHE) - Fifth section - Sorbonne web site.

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 Domains of research

Max Weber, comprehensive sociology, specific charisma, sociology of religious organisations, Secularism, Jehovah's Witnesses, minoritaries religious movements of unitarian Christianity, Michel Servet, History of antitrinitarism.


Dr. Sorbonne, Paris V - social sciences

Member of the French Association of Social sciences for the study of Religions (AFSR),

Member of the Friends of religious sciences - SASR (former students of the EPHE)

Member of the Center for the study of the Resistance and the Deportation - CERD (Brotherhood Edmond Michelet).



International Conference

The Jehovah's Witnesses in scholarly perspective:

What is new in the scientific study of the movement ?


Cover of Subsidia III Issue -

250 pages included photographs.

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The 2017 International Conference
2 July - 6 July 2017 
Van Leer Jerusalem Institute


Bernadette RIGAL-CELLARD (University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France),

Perceptions and Practices Related to Holy Lands and Sacred Histories and the (Re)Creation and Invention of Sacred Histories in New Religious Movements: A Case Study of the Twelve Tribes

George D. CHRYSSIDES (University of York St.John and Birmingham, United Kigdom)

Is Nothing Sacred? Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Significance of Bible Lands
Massimo INTROVIGNE (CESNUR, Torino, Ital), 

The Aesthetic Theory of L. Ron Hubbard and the Freewinds as a Mobile Holy Land




Jehovah's Witnesses : Between Tradition and Modernity.

Dr Philippe Barbey, Sociologist of Religions and Secularism, january 2016.


Jehovah's Witnesses : A sociological definition.

Dr Philippe Barbey, september 2009, updated january 2015.


Groups of Study 

European Observatory of Religions and Secularism

President : Régis Dericquebourg

Associate Professor of psycho-sociology. Charged with overseeing research in sociology. Sociology of religions. University Charles De Gaulle-Lille 3. Member of the Sociology of Religions and Secularism Group), CNRS-Paris.  


Jehovah's Witnesses Scholars Yahoo Group

Moderator : George Chryssides

Philosopher of Religion (Ph.D. Philosophy of Religion), York, St John University, UK.




 Religious sociology


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Doctoral School

Human & Social Sciences , cultures, individuals, societies - ED 180


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* Michel Maffesoli






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