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About Beth Sarim

The Messenger for July 25,1931, 6, 8 :

“Judge Rutherford was one of the wartime Christians; and for daring so to be, went to Atlanta Penitentiary under four sentences of twenty years each. When he emerged he was in poor physical condition, and even now has the use of but one lung. Since his return from Atlanta, prudence and good common sense dictated that, working as hard as he constantly works, he should have the benefit of the most equable winter climate to be found. It is a matter of common knowledge among meteorologists (weather experts) that San Diego, California, is as near perfection for winter climate as it is possible to get….From years after he emerged from prison, Judge Rutherford went to San Diego to work during the winter months, renting such quarters as could be secured. His physician, Dr. A.G. Eckols, of San Diego, urged him to make the city his permanent winter home; and in the latter part of the year 1929 some bretheren, out of their own personal funds, arranged for the erection of Beth-Sarim, “the house of the princes,” of which several illustrations appear in this issue.

Before Judge Rutherford would accept and use the home, he insisted upon writing the deed that it shall forever be held in trust by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society for the use of the Lord’s work in the earth, with the expectation that in due time Abraham, Melchisedec, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, Isaiah or some others of the patriarchs or prophets of olden times will appear and will be glad to use this home which has been prepared for one or more of them in the western edge of the new world.”

- Reported by Rolf Furuli, May, 05, 2016 on JWS-YG



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